Large Root Appetizer Platter

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There are countless uses for these large scale hand-carved wooden platters. Use them as chip-and-dip servers for appetizers bread plates or even for displays of special shells and rocks. They make a wonderful addition to your home or cabin and complement every type of decor. Each is hand-carved and no two are exactly alike.; Description; Made from environmentally-friendly reclaimed fir stumps with an easy care food-safe lacquer finish. Hand wash only. Each piece is hand-carved by skilled artisans so no two are exactly alike. Knotholes and minor cracks add a unique charm. Gorgeous wood grain and colors make these great for a wide variety of serving and decorative uses Due to the natural knots and fissures present in the RootWorks raw materials not all will hold liquid reliably. See our hand-selected Salad Grade bowls for specific serving needs. Approximate Dimensions- 18-21 L x 14-16 W x 2 H inches Each of our hand carved root platters is uniquely beautiful and stands alone as a natural work of art. These fantastic pieces are carved from a species of Chinese Fir called Shan Mu which grows abundantly in the mountains of central China. The stumps left by logging are reclaimed prior to replanting and hand-carved by local artisans into the shapes in this collection. They are beautiful and practical items that bring their own unique organic charm into the home. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Food-safe lacquer finish. Hand wash. Knotholes and minor cracks add a unique charm.