What's Happening With Our Website?

Posted by Chris Parham on


Visited our website lately? We're making changes little by little, but about to stumble upon something great...Genevieve Bond, totally online! 

     We love our customers, and we want you to be able to access Genevieve Bond anytime, anywhere. It takes time, but we're excited to announce that by the end of April, you'll be able to shop all Genevieve Bond...from the comfort of your own home! Or office! Or vacation getaway! 

     It's been a work in progress, and we've learned a lot along the way, and we're ready to play! Our creative design team is working night and day to better an already good thing. Think pictures for all your favorite products, blog posts for design tips, gift ideas, what's headed your way...the works! So hang with us, and wait and see...soon and very soon, our site will be your favorite gift shop on Earth...online!



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