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     Aaaah, graduation! That time in every student's life where yes, finally yes, the degree says it all, "You did it! You made it! And here's to you!" What better way to celebrate the graduate in your life than with a little something special from Genevieve Bond Gifts? We've compiled the list of our favorite choices and we're excited to share with you our Graduation Gift Guide! Happy gifting!

For the Graduate Who Has To Do Laundry

     Just because the graduate in your life has to do laundry doesn't mean that laundry has to pile up in disgrace! Gift your graduate with this trendy For Color tote, and there might actually be excitement about toting dirty laundry to and from the community washroom! 
For the Graduate Who Loves Lilly Pulitzer
     Lilly Pulitzer tumblers are absolutely perfect for college dorm rooms, grad student apartments, and sorority houses! Nearly indestructible, these super cute tumblers serve up the coolest of beverages in style. 
For the Graduate Who Loves Photos
      Excited to send your graduate off to new places, but maybe those new places are tight on shelving and decorating space? Our collection of Petal Lane magnetic boards allow your graduate to display any photos and swap them out whenever they want, or to use it as a stylish way to keep up with reminders. Mini-fridges can only hold so many magnets, and they aren't as cute as these boards!  
For the Graduate Who Has to Share a Bathroom 
     Sharing a bathroom doesn't have to be awkward when your graduate has this amazing Barefoot Dreams robe to cover up with! Not only is this robe super soft and cozy, but it brings an almost spa-like experience the second one slips it on. While we can't do much about bathroom sharing, we can gift this awesome robe to help! 
For the Graduate Who Doesn't Let A Drab Door Get Them Down
     Who worries about a drab front door when our Coton Colors wreath is ready to blast any blah front with color and joy? Pick one of our big attachments for any occasion and pair it with this wooden wreath, and your graduate will have the best looking door on the block (or hall)! 
For the Graduate Who Needs the Rugged Look to Store Their Treasures
     Storing away special treasures like meal cards and house keys doesn't have to be tricky. This solid driftwood Enrico box looks sharp on anyone's desk or table, plus serves as a great remote control holder, loose change collector...the possibilities are endless! 
For the Graduate Who Likes to Keep Things Chill
     Do these Chillsner things really work? You betcha. Pop this guy in the freezer and voila, an automatic drink cooler (for the of-age graduates, of course!) Never drink a warm bottled beverage again! 
For the Graduate Who Writes Things Down
     In the age of technology and texting and typing there's something extra sweet about these Ann Page journals. Available in several colors and sayings, these journals allow the art of writing things down to come to life. Pair it with some of our Karen Adams colored pencils and you have yourself an excellent gift for the most artistic of souls. 
For the Graduate Who Entertains
     Tailgating? Sorority tea? Cool lemonade on a hot day? These ceramic Magnolia Lane beverage servers are the way to go when your graduate is serving up a crowd. Great for hot or cold, gift your graduate with one of these big guys and they'll be the best host or hostess out there. And don't worry...we have one with Georgia on it, too! 
For the Graduate Who Is Traditional
     Red solo cup takes on a whole new look here with our Southern Raised insulated solo cups. They are the real deal...for real. These bad boys last a whole lot longer than their disposable counterparts, yet maintain the beautiful simplicity of tradition. Buy a stack of them and set your traditional graduate up in style! 
For the Graduate Who Loves to Snuggle
     Graduating wasn't easy and what better way to reward your graduate than with this super snuggly In 2 Green upcycled Tennessee blanket? Jersey knit, incredibly soft, and oversized, you can't go wrong with this amazing blanket! Great for guy or girl, gift your graduate with something more than just a twin sheet set to snuggle under!
For the Graduate Who Needs A Little Something Local
     We're excited to carry Nooga Candles, a locally made product from Chattanooga's finest, Debbie Coppinger. And what better way to gift a graduate than with a deliciously scented Nooga candle? Every time they think of home they can light this little beauty and remember the best city ever! (Tiny, adorable beach chair sold separately)


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