Father's Day Gift Guide

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      We get asked often, "What do you even have for guys?" Oh, good news, friends! Our answer is, "A lot!" Check out our top ten faves, just in time for Father's Day, and get ready to gift the dad in your life with something Genevieve Bond! 

For the Dad Who Loves Grooming 

 If you know the dad who's particular about his shaving products, his face wash, or dare we say, his shampoo, then search no more. We're happy to announce we carry the full line of Jack Black, and that is good news! Men's skincare at its finest, Jack Black caters to the fussiest of faces and scalps, delivering an excellent shave/wash/scrub every. Single. Time.




For the Dad Who Loves to Golf (Or Write Things Down)

     Maybe you think the dad in your life who loves to golf is kitted out with all his golfing needs, but we'd put money down he's yet to receive these awesome Two's Company tiny putting pens to go with his golf equipment. Help him be the coolest dad on the course (or the office) with these bite-sized ink-filled versions of all his favorite golf clubs!




For the Dad Who Loves Photos

      Lots of dads are super proud of their families but have limited desk space for typical picture frames. Problem solved with this pint-sized Primitives by Kathy photo frame, as it allows for a sweet photo but doesn't take up any room. He could even hang it on his laptop as he dashes to meetings. Cute! 




For the Dad Who Loves to Keep Track of His Money

      Make parting with his cash look good with the Eve cork wallet, a unique way to carry money! He'll love this wallet so much, he'll be excited to whip it out next time he needs to pay. And he can boast about how this Eve wallet is made from the cork trees in Portugal, so it serves as a conversation piece to boot! 




For the Dad Who Needs a Good Read (Or Who Likes a Good Joke)

     Hey, c'mon, we all know the dad in your life who could always use some extra reading material or chuckle. Or maybe you need something for the dad in your life with a sense of humor...we promise, this is the book for him. Filled with a bajillion fascinating bits of everything, this book is sure to cause glee this Father's Day!  




For the Dad Who Knows His Way Around the Kitchen

      Yum. Yum. Yum.

     Not even kidding. For the dad in your life who knows his way around the kitchen, gift him with something salty or spicy, and watch him work his magic with the best tasting seasoning around. Willie's Hog Dust adds that extra magic to any meat or veggie, and he'll be excited to try something new. 




For the Dad Who Knows His Way Around the Grill

     This grill set is so manly and big, we couldn't get it to fit into our photo square. For the dad who knows how to grill, he'll appreciate the sturdiness of this Sunnylife BBQ set to last him through many, many cookouts...Father's Day and beyond. 




For the Dad Who Likes to Take Notes

      Lots of dads golf or at least appreciate the sport, and what better way to show you've taken note (no pun intended) than with this handy notepad by Ann Page. He can be encouraged every time he jots down a thought that a bad day at golf is always better than a great day anywhere else! 





For the Dad Who Likes Beverages

      Our absolute favorite drinkware  ever, these amazing Southern Jubilee glasses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, sure to match whatever beverage the dad in your life enjoys. Plus the pewter medallion on the front comes in either the Tennessee shape or whatever initial you desire. 




For the Dad Who Loves the Classic Gift 

     Father's Day wouldn't be Father's Day without the classic tie option. For any dad in your life who loves traditional, our array of Simply Southern neckties and bowties are the perfect choice of gift. It's one of the greatest gifts of all times...can a dad ever have too many ties?


Happy Father's Day from us to you! 





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