This Little Bond Girl Went to Market

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     Gift Mart Atlanta...what was it like? Mayhem, chaos, excitement, thrills and lots and lots of gifts! Every level, every booth, absolutely stuffed with all things gifts...and then some. You feel it?

     We would keep it simple, but it's impossible. A visit to market is the most thrilling part of boutique life--it's the opportunity to connect the greatest goods on earth with our amazing customers, and we love connecting the dots at Genevieve Bond. What kinds of things are headed your way? 

     For starters, fun new inventions like My Cup of Cake, just in time for Valentine's Day.

    What is it? Chocolate goodness in a microwaveable configuration, ready in three minutes. What?! How is it possible?! Genius ladies got together and said, "We want a simple dessert that impresses even the toughest of critics!" and voila...My Cup of Cake. Yum, yum, yum. We know because we've tasted it. And it's delicious!

     Food not your thing? That's cool because there's also some gorgeous new jewelry headed our way. We're mixing it up with a few new lines like Dallysisters--(here's a sneak peek of something we're getting, compliments of Dallysisters photography)--

--and we're bringing in new pretties from our current brands as well. A lover of Dana Herbert Jewelry? Good, because our eyes have seen her spring collection, and we can't wait to show it off! 

     Gifts, gifts,'s our favorite! And we're already looking forward to our next market visit! 

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