I Didn't Know You Had That!

Posted by Megan Slatton on

     One of the things we've heard a lot of is, "I didn't even know you had that!" So it's a pleasure to start bringing what's in our store to you, because we feel pretty awesome about what's going on at Genevieve Bond. 


     Like boutique shopping? Us, too. Something about finding that extra-special treasure makes giving the gift a tiny bit more exciting. But want to know something interesting? We aren't your average gift shop. We have gifts, true. But we also have things beyond...things for the home, things for travel, things for accessorizing. The lines get blurred, and when it comes down to it, we've got a little bit of everything. Kind of like Coton Colors "Happy Everything," right? Maybe we'll start calling ourselves Genevieve Bond Gifts, A Little Bit of Everything. Just kidding. 



     Did you know we have Casafina, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful Casafina? Your table and casseroles will never look the same again. Stunning is a good word to use!




     And we like to help dress your table just as much as we like to make your home smell delicious. Rewined Candles, anyone?


     But lest you think we've forgotten about the little ones, never fear. We even have wonderful cuddlies for our smallest of friends, like the sweetest Little Giraffe blankets and lovies in all shapes and sizes. Our hearts, they melt.



     So take a pause and let us surprise you. And when you exclaim, "I didn't know you had that!" we invite you to sit back and relax while we show you even more!


(Images compliments of Coton Colors, Casafina, Rewined Candles, and Little Giraffe) 




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