Dress My Table for Easter Dinner

Posted by Megan Slatton on

     It's that time of year...spring and all things bright and colorful! What better way to kick off the Easter season than with everything Coton Colors? One of our favorite go-tos for table dressing, Coton Colors hits the cheerful nail on the head when it comes to embellishing any table for a spring gathering. 
 Where to start? How about with something white, as a blank canvas base?

     And then, layers. Lots and lots of layers. This can go one of two ways, depending on personal preference. Either keep with the white theme and stay solid, or start grabbing the fun patterns to stack on that spring flair! Honestly there is no right answer and no limit when it comes to dressing a table with Coton Colors. The only rule? Let loose and let enthusiasm take over!   

Have fun?     And voila!



     The beauty of Coton Colors is their flexibility to mix and match. And their amazing trick? Many of their goodies, like The Happy Everything platter, have industrial velcro at the top, so once the bunny has served his purpose, put him away and use a different attachment for a different season. Love it!  

Yes, please! Want your table to be dressed and ready to host? Swing by and see us at our storefront, and we'll be more than ready to dress your table. Or, if you want to choose and design your own, check out Coton Colors on our website. Happy Everything! 


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