Accessorize Me!

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     "Oh, yikes. I rolled out of bed today, got dressed, and didn't put on any jewelry because I feel paralyzed with fear when I think about accessorizing!" 

     Who's been there? We've heard often, "I would love to wear more jewelry, but I honestly don't know how to put it all together." Good news, friends! Neither did any of us, until we met Katie!

     Watch this.

 "Hey, Katie! I'm so lost when it comes to accessorizing! Help!"

      Katie furrows her brow and thinks. She walks around our store, doing her thing, using her skills. And then, voila! Katie accessorizes me! How does she do it? 

     (True story. I bought our B.b. Lila necklace wrap around the time of this shoot. Why? Because Katie taught me the beauty of B.b.'s a necklace, it's a bracelet, it's everything!)

     But here's the thing. We have all kinds of amazing jewelry at Genevieve Bond. And when Michelle walked into work sporting a brand new look, we decided she needed some awesome new jewelry to go with that style. Katie, accessorize her!

     This one was fun. Katie was digging Michelle's new 'do, so she started with some of our new Eve handcrafted cork jewelry, which looks as amazing as it sounds. Look!


     However, after playing with a few different pieces, Katie ultimately decided Michelle needed some B.b. Lila, too. That's why Katie is our jewelry expert...she knows her stuff and she knows what looks the best on you! 

     And truth be told, nothing makes any of us happier (especially Katie) when we help you find the very thing you didn't even know you needed but makes you look so good! Hugs all around! 

     Oh, it's our very favorite thing to play dress-up! So next time you think to yourself, "I don't know what to wear or how to wear it!" just come see us at Genevieve Bond and say the magic words, "Katie, accessorize me!" 

And, pinky promise. She will! 

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