Meet Mrs. Virginia, Our Oldest Customer!

Posted by Megan Slatton on

Happy Mother's Day, Ms. Virginia! 
     The most wonderful part of the world of Genevieve Bond? Our customers! And we had the pleasure of meeting our oldest Bond girl to date. Friends, we're proud to introduce Mrs. Virginia Freeman, one hundred and three years young this year! That's right. 103. 
     Born January 1, 1913, Mrs. Virginia strolled in our shop one Saturday afternoon, escorted by her sweet daughter and more than willing to play dressup and answer all of our questions about her incredible life experiences. She happily allowed us to adorn her with some of our Sorrelli sparkle, even striking a pose or two to show off the necklace Katie chose for her. Once Katie got it clasped, Mrs. Virgina declared, "Well, now all I need is an honest man and somewhere to go with these pretty jewels!" 
      Sharp as a tack and spry as a spring chicken, this amazing lady had us in stitches in no time with her hilarious humor! She keeps life in perspective, and we wanted to soak in her quiet joy for as long as she would let us. As her daughter commented, "She wakes up everyday reminding me how beautiful the sunshine is when it's shining and how good the rain feels when it's raining. She finds the beauty in everything, even the yellow stripe on the road. She's a rare treasure in this day and age." 
     When we asked her for any advice she'd give all the youngsters out there in the world today she paused and simply said, "Remember. There's always something to smile about." 
     Mrs. Virginia, it was an absolute honor and pleasure to meet you in person, and we'll never be able to thank you enough for brightening our day with your appearance. Making it to 103 years old is no small feat, and we want the world to know you are beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to our oldest mom we've ever met! Thank you for giving us to treasure of your presence! 


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