Fancy Panz

Potlucks, tailgates, holiday parties, picnic, entertaining at home; this is how some of their most enjoyable time is spent!

I’m talking about sisters and Fancy Panz co-founders, Jane Casey and Charlene Yeager. Two busy moms living in So. California.

Fancy Panz was invented as a solution to a very common problem…

When it was Jane’s turn to host the family dinner, in an effort to spend less time cleaning up, Jane really wanted to use her disposable pans for the caesar salad, ambrosia and the baked chicken. The convenience is great, but presenting your food in these foil-like, ugly pans is somewhat embarrassing; therefore, she sat at her computer and searched, “how to dress up a foil pan”. There was no answer!

The Fancy Panz solution: Place a disposable pan containing hot or cold food into a decorative Fancy Panz, close the frame and you’ve, “dressed up your disposable pan”. With its stylish design, it looks beautiful on your table. Clean up is a breeze and the food was presented in a beautiful Fancy Panz. More time with family and less time cleaning up!

The next week, Jane was attending a football potluck for her son. Although she wanted to bring her food in disposable pans, traveling with flimsy, unattractive pans is not practical and again, they are so unsightly! So, she brought her dessert and BBQ beans each in one of her own serving dishes. Having to leave before the food was finished, she had two options: 1.) Ask the hostess for a dish to scrape her food onto and drive home with her dirty serve ware or 2.) Leave her own serve ware at the party and most likely never see it again!

The Fancy Panz solution: she could have brought her dessert and BBQ beans prepared in a disposable pan, placed in a Fancy Panz. When it was time to leave, remove the disposable pan from her Fancy Panz with the remaining food so that the potluck guests could continue to enjoy it while Jane was able to bring home her clean Fancy Panz. No driving around town with a dirty dish and NO MORE LOST SERVING DISHES!!!

“When we began to see our friends showing up at gatherings using our Fancy Panz samples, that’s when I knew we were on to something. It’s such an easy solution to a common problem” says Charlene.

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