Golden Rabbit

Fresh and festive, serving up a stylish statement is easy with Enamelware from Golden Rabbit. The bespeckled collection, based on original 18th century designs, is made of fine German enamel on steel and provides a convenient, eye-catching alternative for entertaining. Our modern manufacturing process adds strength and durability, as primers and enamels are fused to strong steel at high temperatures. For added protection, we ingeniously incorporate unique stainless steel rims to each Enamelware piece.

Classic and colorful, Enamelware is at home in a country kitchen or striking in a high style setting. From oven to table to the dishwasher, Enamelware from Golden Rabbit is fully functional without forgetting the fun. Whether mixed or matched, our array of shapes and sizes can impressively outfit any event or enhance your existing table theme. For everyday eating or endless entertaining, our Enamelware provides seasonless styles for year round use: from clam bakes or barbecues to Christmas buffets. It is easy to clean and store. So, relax and enjoy Enamelware from Golden Rabbit.

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