Harper Collins Book: Pawfect Love

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About the Book

Pawfect Love combines adorable photos of unlikely animal pairs with affectionate quotes to share with the one you love--differences and all! With over 150 pages of fur-cuteness, grown-ups and kids will love this coffee table book. From a bunny snuggling with a duck to a kitty playing with a deer to a puppy having fun with a hamster, these furry pairs remind us that not being exactly the same is part of what makes a relationship great.

Spotlighting topics such as commitment, happiness, and togetherness, the quotes are by an array of beloved writers, such as:

  • C.S. Lewis, Katharine Hepburn, and Donald Miller
  • Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Oscar Wilde, and many more

Delightful photos from the mother-son photography team Warren Photographic humorously communicate the lighter side of your heart's affection in this fun and unique gift book. Pawfect Love is a fun gift for:

  • couples on their engagement, wedding day, or anniversary
  • a significant other on Valentine's Day, a birthday, or any ordinary day
  • people who love animals and animal photography

One of the best things about love is enjoying each other's uniqueness. Our animal friends have discovered this already! So here's to our differences! We wouldn't want it any other way--paws down.