Mud Pie Kraft Thanksgiving Runner Set w/ Crayons

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Features you'll love

  • Keep your guests entertained with sections for Tic Tac Toe, Mazes, and Word Searches.
  • Made from durable Kraft paper for a long-lasting and reliable table runner.
  • Includes a disposable 30 ft. table runner and a pack of 16 crayons for immediate enjoyment.

More Info

Our Kraft Thanksgiving Runner Set is the ideal complement to elevate your Thanksgiving table setting. This versatile two-piece set includes a disposable 30 ft. Kraft paper table runner, designed to provide an engaging and interactive experience for your guests. Accompanied by a pack of 16 crayons, this table runner features various sections tailored to keep everyone entertained during the Thanksgiving festivities. From classic games like Tic Tac Toe to challenging mazes and captivating word searches, our runner offers endless hours of fun. Additionally, it provides spaces for artistic expression, coloring, and an opportunity to express gratitude. Crafted with care, this table runner measures 360" x 18" to perfectly adorn your Thanksgiving table.